Planning Applications

Two new applications on this week’s list:

DC/12/54667 643 Bearwood Road Smethwick B66 4BL Proposed change of use from jewellery outlet (A1) to children’s nursery aged 3-4 years (D1).

DC/12/54613 27 Abbey Road Smethwick B67 5RA Proposed single storey storage building to the rear and new shopfront.


More information can be found on the Planning website here


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2 Responses to Planning Applications

  1. Mrs Yvonne Kerr says:

    The parking in Bearwood is difficult as it currently stands for shoppers, and residents. Bearwood is adequately served with day nursery facilities and to open another childcare facility which will add to the shortage of parking spaces is quite unnecessary.

    • Bob says:

      In terms of objecting to an application, it has to be on planning grounds. So lack of adequate parking could be a reason, as could removing a unit from retail use, but competition isn’t generally. The fact that there are, for instance, 10 hairdressers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approve an eleventh.

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