Swift action on Bunnys 2

Earlier this week Steve Eling received reliable information that the premises at 495 Hagley Road had already commenced trading as a ‘relaxation studio’ despite the fact that it hasn’t obtained planning permission, and the fact that there have been a number of objections from residents and councillors on both sides of the Sandwell-Birmingham border.

Councillor Eling acted straight away and reported this blatant abuse of the planning process to.officers in Sandwell’s planning section. Within hours we received confirmation from planning that officers were going to.issue an immediate stop notice on the premises to prevent them continuing to trade.

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2 Responses to Swift action on Bunnys 2

  1. Catherine Ryan says:

    Thanks for this action Cllrs – the newly expanded premises has certainly looked very much open for business over the past couple of weeks

  2. Pat says:

    Ah, so that was the ‘relaxation studio’ mentioned in one of the planning applications posted on here?

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