Kings Head Junction improvements – update

Nearly 10 years since it was approved and finance was made available through the Ministry of Transport, work is finally almost ready to start on the Kings Head Junction of the Hagley Road/Bearwood Road/Lordswood Road.

Abbey Ward councillors have been campaigning for these improvements for over 15 years and in that time there have been a series of tragic accidents. The work was being held up because of the need to purchase land from the Kings Head pub and a small number of residents on the Birmingham side of the Hagley Road. The Kings Head pub is leased from Calthorpe Estates, and although they had no objection the leaseholders did, but they have now withdrawn their objection.

Philip Santos, from Birmingham City Council who are overseeing the project, told Councillor Bob Piper,

“We are now in the process of drawing up a full business case to be presented to both the City and Sandwell Councils. It is a big scheme, costing around £1.3 million and work will take about 30 weeks to complete, but we are pleased to say we expect the work to start in October.”

The first phase of the work will involve the filling in of the tunnel underneath the Hagley Road. This has been the subject of much controversy over the years, with many regarding it as a haven for anti-social behaviour and it also tends to flood during heavy rain as we have witnessed again recently.

The City Council carried out a consultation on both sides of the border around two years ago and the scheme that has been drawn up took the comments made at the consultation into consideration. One thing that featured was the need for a proper pedestrian phase on the traffic lights, particularly to allow children crossing from the two Lordswood secondary schools to cross at busy times.

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12 Responses to Kings Head Junction improvements – update

  1. richard-chair of bearwood traders & lightwoods park says:

    Excellent news!!! now we can push forward with plans to redevelope the land around the old toilet block and have some nice looking civic shared space that we as traders and town team have been talking about for what seems like forever and have a proper gateway into our town and the borough and make a proper link between the park and high street- cant wait for the diggers!!

  2. Sheila Finn says:

    This is fantastic news.

  3. Rebecca Schneider - Inaugural Chair of LARA (Lightwoods Active Residents Association) says:

    Years in the making but some great news for Bearwood residents. Hurray!

  4. thypnochick says:

    Great news, well done to all involved.

  5. Kate Thomas says:

    This Is great news for bearwood. There I also work commencing on lightwoods house which together with this and the traders could create a brilliant gateway to Sandwell

  6. Mr B says:

    Hi there, any update on when the work may start? That tunnel’s increasingly grim…!

    • Bob says:

      Yes, work has been delayed until January because of a delay over compulsory purchase orders on the Birmingham side of Hagley Road. More detail in the Bearwood e-Bulletin which can be downloaded here.

  7. Mr B says:

    Ok, thanks Bob. Something to look forward to in the New Year then!

  8. keithbracey says:

    Great news…should have happened years ago IMHO…and is long overdue…there was an RTA there this morning as if to emphasize the point

  9. Paul says:

    Turning left from Harbourne on a green light you are confronted within metres on a bend by a pedestrian crossing that can be on red for cars… wont be long before someone is hurt. Yet again, more poorly thoughtout traffic lights in the area ruining what was a very good Iidea.

    • Bob says:

      Paul, agree entirely about the lights. We’ve complained to Birmingham City Council but they are convinced it is safe. Sadly, I think it would take a fatality to prove them wrong.

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