Dirty old town…?

We get lots of complaints about the fact that Bearwood has a bad litter problem, and as councillors the standard of street cleaning has been our biggest complaint over the last couple of years. Well, credit where it is due. These scenes were taken at 11.am this morning.

Now we need to get to grips with some of the roads where the wind blows litter off the shopping centre, because they are still a problem.

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4 Responses to Dirty old town…?

  1. KMF says:

    Well done SERCO and Bearwood residents as this is a Sunday Morning and the street looks almost like you could eat your dinner off it

  2. Pat says:

    The Council do a good job esp. with all the fast food joints in town. Can’t legislate for people who drop stuff.

  3. Heather Ramsden says:

    I’ve recently moved from Moseley, and I feel that Bearwood is a lot better for litter, but a lot worse for dog muck. You can often smell the dog muck when walking round the streets around Merrivale Road. Would the councillors be able to investigate this, maybe some enforcement action or more red dog waste bins would help the matter?

    Thank you

    • Bob says:

      Heather, it is a real and ongoing problem. We try to enforce, and had purges where we issue fixed penalty fines, but unless we get the information from residents it is just not feasible to have wardens on every street corner. If you let me know a particular ‘hotspot’ I can get some patrols out, particularly if you know of a regular time it may happen. Even better, if you know the offenders e-mail me the details and I will ensure they get a warning letter, and are targeted by wardens.

      Getting a red bin isn’t that much of a problem, but to be honest there aren’t many people want one outside their house.

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