Thank you all…

In an election when the result is announced the successful candidate takes the plaudits. After all, they have put their head above the parapet, and they also stand to either win or lose. But in Abbey Ward, behind every candidate we have a tiny army of willing volunteers who deliver leaflets, canvass door-to-door, help out on polling day, put up posters and numerous other administrative tasks associated with trying to maximise the vote.

So, on behalf of Ann Jaron, Steve and myself we would like to extend a giant thank you to the following (in no particular order):

Sita, Fiona, Liz, Pam, John’s S. K. D. and T. Marcin, Rod, Cait & Andy, Lesley B. & Lesley P., Jess & the sprogs, Team Marshall, Richard N., Damien, Abi, Kate, Paul, Claire, Steve P. Ceri, Prem, Mary, Annie & Phil, John & Renate, Patrick, Dan, and Siany P.

And finally, thank you to every single one of the 2674 who exercised your democratic prerogative, with particular thanks to the 2017 Labour voters, and to the candidates from the other parties.

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