May Day event cancelled

Update: Despite Monday’s event being cancelled, the funfair will be on site all week.

Due to the condition of the park and the weather prediction by the Met. Office for Monday the organisers of the Lightwoods Park May day festival have been forced to postpone Monday’s event.

Richard Marshall, Chair of the Friends of Lightwoods Park said, “An inspection by Council Officials and Friends’ Group representatives found areas of the park which were waterlogged after the incessant rain yesterday and the park extension was not considered suitable to risk parking on that area without damaging the park.”

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11 Responses to May Day event cancelled

  1. sfessey says:

    A real shame… but logical! Let’s hope the better weather arrives soon to it can be re-scheduled.

  2. richard says:
      Michelle – we are too, its taken months of planning – but its the sensible thing to do- rescheduling is looking like a Sunday in June at this point as we are governed by when we can re- book everything
  3. nigel says:

    ….And the contingency plan is….???? Surely someone must of factored in one major eliment of a bank holiday event…..Rain…it always rains on a bank holiday…. So what is the alternative….who has thought outside the box….surely there is a alternative following the past Party in the Park events effected by the rain….

    Far point about parking on the extension…..but surely the local community can walk to the park…..???

    Come on Bearwood if we want the Portus Millions we have to be inavative show our strengths show our resolve because that money ain’t going to just fall into our laps guys….. We have to earn it…..

    • richard says:

      Nigel- the contigency plan is that we’ve changed the date- with all due respect this isnt just about a few die hard Bearwoodians turning up to listen to bands in the rain that the Met office has also forecast for Monday, this is also about the fact that at last years first event we had approx 1,000 people turn up and over a thousand cars on the extension alone with people coming from far and wide , where do you advise we put them? This also isn’t just a music event its about 8 seperate events coming together on one day.

      If you have an innovative idea to stop a large outdoor event being postponed due to freak weather then I am sure event organisers right across the country who are also cancelling their events would love to hear it????

  4. Dave says:

    Sorry to hear that the event is cancelled -we were looking forward to it. As Michelle says -hopefully there will be better weather on the way soon. There is the Diamond Jubilee Family Fun Day planned for the 4th June which will be at Bearwood Chapel and Calthorpe Haven. We may be able to host some small craft stalls etc as part of that -not on the same scale as in the park -but if that is of help/interest to anyone do get in touch

  5. Deborah says:

    That’s such a shame after all the hard work volunteers have put in. I was looking forward to it as well and had already planned my picnic ingredients! I don’t expect this is the first event that has had to be caneclled due to the appalling weather however. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day on the rescheduled date. In the meantime, I hope the funfair people are ready for a large influx of people who may not have heard it’s been cancelled!

  6. Cherie o'sullivan says:

    Sandwell had put measures in place to try and ensure the event went ahead,for example,we had vertidrained the park,top dressed the bowling green and had rearranged site event plans at least 4 times but public safety has to be the main priority and as a result we had no option but to reschedule.The rescheduled date is Sunday 10th June 2012,same time,same place.Let’s hope for a sunny June!Thank you for everyone’s kind comments and your support. Cherie

  7. appreciate the work put in to create this event but glad the difficult decision to cancel was made in good time, so we can spread the word… look forward to when it does happen

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