Team Bearwood & Greggs picking litter

A dozen volunteers from Greggs Bakers’ Oven and Team Bearwood were out today in Bearwood picking up litter in an event organised by the SMART residents association. About 20 bags of rubbish were filled as the volunteers  combed the side streets off the main Bearwood.

SMART Chairman Robin Hanny with the team

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7 Responses to Team Bearwood & Greggs picking litter

  1. Wendy Banner says:

    Thanks very much to the litter pickers who cleared Anderson Road today. You did a great job and it is much appreciated. Anderson Road resident

  2. richard says:

    Its our pleasure Wendy- everyone that spoke to us was very positive , it was worth losing a couple of hours pay to help clear up what is essentially our own rubbish,we shouldnt have to rely on council to do everything for us

    • Wendy Banner says:

      It’s certainly not my rubbish that is littering the streets, Richard, it’s mainly from people sitting in cars eating their takeaways and putting their rubbish out on the road. The day before the litter pick I had picked up a bag of takeaway rubbish left in the middle of the road and we have to do this several times a week – even dirty nappies have been left. I just wish people would dispose of their rubbish more responsibly.

      • richard says:

        Wendy – if you take a registration and pass it to the street wardens with a pic of the rubbish left and time they will pursue the driver and fine them

  3. Ctherine Ryan says:

    Thanks SMART!

    • richard says:

      Catherine- I believe your after a litter picker to keep I have one for you if you wish to meet up?

      • Catherine Ryan says:

        Morning Richard. Yes please! Are you around tomorrow afternoon?
        Many thanks

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