SMARTen up Bearwood

We’re pleased to announce that staff from Greggs the Bakers will be joining members of SMART for a community litter pick around Bearwood on Wednesday 2nd May. The litter pick will start at 12pm outside the Bakers’ Oven shop (opposite Iceland).

The litter pick will be targeting some of the side roads off Bearwood High Street (such as St Mary’s, Sherwood, Anderson, Poplar, Adkins Lane) and is expected to last somewhere between 60-90 minutes.

Sandwell council have kindly agreed to supply and clear the waste bags as part of their “Big Spring Clean”, and we may also have some volunteers from the local schools. Last but not least, Richard Marshall and Team Bearwood will be providing the litter pickers and high-vis vests – all in all a real community venture.

We’re looking for more volunteers for event, so if you can spare an hour or so on Wednesday it really would be appreciated. If you’d like to participate let us know either on the comments below, or on the Bearwood Facebook page, or feel free to turn up on the day.

We hope to see you there.


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5 Responses to SMARTen up Bearwood

  1. Dan Brown says:

    I shouldn’t worry too much about Sherwood – we have a brilliant neighbour who tidies up any litter on the street (and looks after everyone’s gardens). He does this out of the goodness of his heart and it is much appreciated by all who live on Sherwood Road.

  2. richard says:

    Well Dan, you may want to keep an eye out for a competition soon to be announced on this here very blog thanks to the generosity of a local company

  3. This sounds great, and much needed. It must cost a lot of our council tax for the litter to be cleared in Bearwood. What’s SMART? I’m really sorry I won’t be able to help as I’ll be with my grandmother on her birthday. Please put me down as a volunteer for future litter pick projects. The litter on Anderson Road is particularly bad and often too gross just to pick up and put in my own bin without gloves etc!

    • Bob says:

      Sally, they are the St Mary’s Area Residents and Tenants, basically a residents group which meets with councillors, council officers, the police and local traders.

    • robin hanny says:

      My name is Robin and I’m chairman of SMART. We meet in St Mary’s Church hall approx every two months, so our next meeting should be in mid-June, and you are welcome to join us if you wish. A notice will be posted on the hall notice board about a week before the meeting, but maybe we can chat before then. I’m on Facebook, so that might be a starting point for contact.

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