PCSOs on Twitter

For those of you who use the world of Twitter, you can now follow Bearwood's Police and Crime Support Officers (PCSOs) via @AbbeyWMP

It's not an appropriate place to report crime, but useful if you want to see what Officers/PCSO's are doing day to day and have an insight in what they do each day.

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Sunrise sunbeam

Simon Lea's latest stunning picture of a Warley Woods sunrise…



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‘Sprint’ planned for Bearwood

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.36.35Plans have been revealed for a new bus-based rapid transit system in to Birmingham, with Bearwood as one of the stops on the route. Described as ‘the bus which thinks it is a tram’ or ‘Metro’s little sister’, the Sprint will cost £15 million, and if the plans are approved construction could start in 2015 with completion about 18 months later.

They promise the Sprint will have carriages similar to a tram, wi-fi and cctv, disability access and the cleanest Euro 6 level diesel/hybrid engines. At the moment there are due to be two exhibitions to inform people of details about the Sprint proposals – both based in Birmingham, although Centro are being badgered to hold an exhibition in BearScreen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.55.04wood too.

You can download the information leaflet with details of when to catch the exhibitions currently being planned, and how to access the website… by clicking here.

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Advanced talks to bring the Kings Head clock back home

As the traffic works are finished on Hagley Road, and the building workers prepare to decant their site offices from the area around the junction, our thoughts turn to what we do with that area when they are gone. pAs part of the proposed improvement works along Bearwood Road, we are now in advanced talks with Birmingham City Council to repatriate the ‘Kings Head clock” back to the junction of Hagley Road and Bearwood Road.

Councillor Steve Eling said, “We have identified a sum of money of around a million pounds for improvements along the Bearwood Road, and there are a number of things that have already been suggested which will be the subject of a consultation exercise, and we will welcome further contributions, but an area we know needs some attention is the gateway entrance to Bearwood up towards the Hagley Road.”

After approaches to the City Council by ward councillors and Richard Marshall via the Traders Association, we now have an agreement in principle to re-site the clock on the land at the junction of Bearwood Road and Hagley Road.

Councillor Bob Piper said, “When we first floated the idea in the Bearwood e-Bulletin it was a bit tongue in cheek and we didn’t hold out too much hope of getting it back, but talking to City Council officers over the highways improvements led to some positive noises coming back, and we are thrilled by the prospect of getting the clock back. It is an impressive structure, and the faces are to be renovated and illuminated at nighttime. We think it will be a real feature to underpin the gateway improvements.”

The clock was one of Birmingham’s prized “Chamberlain clocks”, installed outside the Kings Head coaching station in 1900.

With its gas-lit dials and horse trough, the clock helped to service and monitor first the trams, and then the buses, plying the routes through Bearwood and Harborne. When the King’s Head became a major stop-off point on the Outer Circle bus route in the 1920s, such a clock was much in demand.

In 1971 it was removed for road widening, and for the last few decades has stood looking slightly forlorn and out of place in a shopping mall in the City centre. Now, we have the genuine prospect of bringing the clock back to Bearwood.

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Woodland planning application deferred

The planning application to build houses on the small wood in Thimblemill Road has been deferred by planning committee until early September.

Committee members were faced by around 70 banner waving protesters at the entrance to the Recreation Club who were there to tell them why this last piece of uncultivated woodland in Smethwick should be protected.

Smethwick councillor Richard Marshall told the protesters they couldn't enter the grounds because it was private land, but they could tell the planning committee members what they felt about the application. Planning Officer John Baker told them that the committee were being advised to defer a decision because the developers hadn't provided all the information the council had requested.

Richard Marshall added, “I think it is important to stress we are not anti-club just anti-build. The Committee stipulated they would make a decision on 3rd September, with or without all papers being submitted as the people of the area had suffered long enough. I have agreed with the chair of TREC to hold an open night so that members of the public can come in and offer ideas and suggestions in how what would make them want to become members of the club, he is putting this to his committee and will be coming back to me.”


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Two by two….

At the Picnic in the Woods a couple of weeks ago the Abbey Churches Together had a stall and many children made clay animals for a Noah's Ark. These are on display in Thimblemill Library if folk would like to go and see their handiwork.


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Theatre in the Park

Tickets for Theatre in Warley Woods are now on sale. This year the play is Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is on Sunday August 3rd at 7.30 pm. The Trust welcome back Heartbreak Theatre who have put on some great plays over the last few years. They are a professional company and really do bring the performance to life!

Tickets are £12 each, £8 children and £35 for a family (2 adults and 2 children). You can buy tickets in the shop or online here.


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