From tiny acorns…

…mighty oak trees grow!

The Farmers' Market in Moseley, voted one of the best in the country, grew out of local residents getting together and organising it themselves. Yes, they got the City Council's highways and markets people to help and advise, but it was their energy and effort that have made it the success it is today.

Next weekend sees the Bearwood Pantry take the initiative to put on the first Bearwood Food Festival, with lots of innovative ideas to let people not just visit, but actively participate. Please try to pop along and give them your support, to paraphrase the late JFK… ask not what Bearwood can do for you, see what you can do for Bearwood!


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Support your local traders

Here at the Bearwood Blog we like food fairs and farmers' markets, and only recently praised the splendid Leamington Spa Food Fair, saying we could do something like that in Bearwood. Well, now, the Bearwood Pantry folk are putting on a Bearwood Food Fair on Saturday week at Bearwood Baptist Church. More about that on here over the next week, but for now, in the first of an irregular feature, we want to sing the praises of our very own Bearwood businesses.

Come rain or shine, all year round, our local traders here in Bearwood are not only providing excellent service and value, they are contributing to the local economy, providing employment, paying their taxes and overheads, and hoping to have something left at the end of it for themselves.

Dave Patrick & Son Butchers Ltd is Just such a business, a small family run traditional Butchers which has served Bearwood & its surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Originally started up by Dave Holt & his business partner Pat Newton, the 2 of them worked together for approximately 12 years until Pat decided to retire, so Dave carried on the business with the help of his only Son Jamie. In 2013 Dave decided to take early retirement passing on the business to Jamie. The shop is presently run by Jamie along with his 2 employees, Craig Smith & Lee Stokes.

Dave Patrick & Son Butchers offers a wide variety of Fresh Meat at competative prices.

All meat in bought in fresh in carcus form and boned out and cut on the premises, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & beef is all 100% British produced.

Whole joints of meat are available 6 days a week, and if its not on show we can cut to the weight or purchase price required by the customer.

Our 3 packs for £5.00 is often popular with families on a budget, offering a choice of Steak, a variety of flavoured Chicken including BBQ & Cajun and also Minted Lamb Chops.

We have a variety of 7 different flavoured Sausages, often making the choice a difficult one !!!

As well as Fresh Meat Dave Patrick's also sells Fresh Eggs, including Free Range, Cooked Meats and the famous Pukka Pies.

We also offer a small selection of Fresh Vegetables.

Orders can be taken for Christmas, and we also offer a Christmas Saving Club.

Dave Patrick & Son Butchers is Situated at 536 Bearwood Road, next door to St Mary's Church

We are a friendly, chatty bunch, so why not come in and see what your Local Butchers has to offer !


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Recently Dudley Castle has hit the national headlines with a visitor taking a picture of the castle's notorious 'Grey Lady'. More locally, for generations kids around here get to hear stories of Warley Woods very own Grey Lady.

Well now you can add Lightwoods House to your list of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. With Halloween nearly upon us, Richard Marshall Chair of the Friends of Lightwoods thought this was an apt time to release the following video, taken by Willenhall Paranormal Society earlier this year. It is expected to be the first of a number of 'visits' planned by the Society into Lightwoods House.

Richard Marshall said….”With such a long and chequered history, Lightwoods House is bound to hold some stories and some spirits within the walls. Hopefully Glen and his team (and maybe some of the braver members of the Friends group can meet up with them!”

Glen Smith, leader of Paranormal Society added…… “It's great to study a property as old as Lightwoods. We have looked at many buildings all over the Black Country and we can confirm that following the first visit the team have picked up enough data to suggest that there may be 2 or 3 'curious' sprits in the house. We had a few things that happened on and off camera, such as a couple of the team had their radio mics that we wear around our necks tugged. Also, there was over a 5 degree temperature drop on the servant's stairwell for a short period of time in the early hours of the morning. We can't wait for the next visit, hopefully whoever is there will get to realise we mean them no harm and will get more playful”



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In good company…

Well, what do you know, The Telegraph (not our normal daily read) has published a feature about Britain's Best Councils.

Modesty prevents us telling you who they think is ninth best!


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Work due to start on danger junction

Road works due to start on the Hagley Road” is probably not the headline most drivers want to read at the moment, given the months of delays caused by the reconfiguration of the Kings Head junction, and the seemingly endless issues with the traffic lights at the Wolverhampton Road.

But Abbey Ward councillors believe the work due to start next week on the junction with Galton Road near The Dog is something which should really be welcomed. In the last five years there have been 17 road traffic accidents at that junction, five of them serious, resulting in 21 people suffering injuries.

The accidents are often caused by people trying to cross the dual carriageway in to Galton Road and are unable to see clearly in to the bus lane when the main carriageway is congested, but also by traffic pulling out of Galton Road not realising the speed of oncoming vehicles.

Abbey Ward councillor Steve Eling said, “This work will hopefully not take too long. We know people have become frustrated over the Wolverhampton Road traffic light failures, but that lies with Birmingham's contractors Amey and there isn't much we can do but keep on nagging them. We need to get this dangerous junction with Galton Road sorted and we cannot wait any longer.”

Councillor Bob Piper added, “We would ideally like to put speed cameras on that stretch of Hagley Road to try to control this ridiculous speeds some people are driving at, but the government seem to regard speed cameras as an infringement of drivers' rights…although I cannot understand why people should think they have a right to endanger others by breaking the speed limit. At least controlled lights at this junction will mean drivers will have to stop to let traffic in and out of Galton Road safely.”


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Some great photos from the Bearwood Jam…

Photos edited by Donston Taylor-Powell Rewind Live Sessions via Tom Naylor's Facebook Page, where you can see loads more!


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Calling all budding thespians…

This is available to any budding actors or actresses over the age of 12, and it is a wonderful opportunity to take place in a workshop with talented professional performers. As you can see, it is completely free, but you may need to hurry…there are only 20 places available. So, if you're interested, contact the library ASAP!



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